I just finished to present the results of our latest works on software architecture languages.
The presentation has been done at the 3rd workshop on Architecture Centric Virtual Integration (ACVI).

Here is the abstract of the talk.
“If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture”. With this reflection, Brian Foote and Joseph Yode convey the message that developing an architecture is complex and expensive. One of the complex and expensive tasks in software architecture design is the precise specification and communication of an architecture. A badly specified architecture design can create misunderstanding, and cause design and implementation flaws in a system. This talk builds on empirical studies and examines architectural languages (ALs) and model-driven engineering (MDEs) as means to describe architecture design. Based on this, the talk discusses practitioner needs and requirements of the next generation of architectural languages. Then, we will explore how to make use of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) to realize new generation architectural languages.

In the following you can find the slides of my talk.

Here you can find our IEEE Software paper describing the requirements we identified for next-generation architectural languages: www.ivanomalavolta.com/files/papers/IEEESoftware_2015.pdf