Have you ever wondered how modern web applications are built?
Are you curious to know which technologies developers of web applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. use?

Well, during my course on Mobile Applications development at the University of L’Aquila, I am teaching how to develop complex mobile web apps by using all the needed instruments we have at hand. Thus, I presented to students a couple of frameworks that allow modern web developers to:

  • give a coherent structure to complex web applications
  • clearly separate presentation logic from business logic
  • organize Javascript source code into modules with well-defined dependencies

More specifically, I chose BackboneJS for giving structure and for developing web apps by following the well-known MVC pattern, Handlebars as template engine, and Require.js for defining modules and dependencies in Javascript.

Basically, I chose those three frameworks because they play well together and because they “force” the developer to understand their inner mechanics in order to be used effectively (I believe that this last point is fundamental in a course at a university where the main goal is to understand).

Here you can find the slides of each lecture: