Tomorrow we will have here at the DISIM department of the University of L’Aquila the Android University Hackathon (AUH 2013).

AUH 2013 is the first inter-university hackathon in Italy, it will be held in parallel in ten(!) Universities across Italy and it is sponsored by the omni-present Google Italia.

The theme of the hackathon is “Open Data – Citizen participation” and since I recognize that it may be quite hard for newbies or not experienced developers
to find interesting data to work on, in this post I collect some of them, let’s go!

  • EUHackathon 2013 Resources: data sets listed by the organizers of another very interesting event that will take place in Bruxelles in September.
  • Google Transparency Report: it contains data about Google services traffic, about the number of data removal request issued by governments, about data access requests by governments as well.
  • Herdict: contains aggregated data about the reachability of web sites in the world over time.
  • Open Data Census: right now it is one of the greatest containers of open data about government budget, companies, legislations, etc.
  • Programmable Web: the comprehensive container of any kind of API, I actually spend half an hour every day on it 🙂