A couple of days ago I have been invited at WebRatio to gave a series of seminars about mobile technologies. WebRatio is an international company based in Milan whose core product is a development environment that supports Business Users and IT Developers in building Web and Mobile applications available On-Premises or in the Cloud. Now they extending their product in order to support also mobile applications development with source code automatic generation.

My seminars were about Cordova, the open-source platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Many of you could know it under the name PhoneGap, which actually is a distribution of Cordova itself.

Here you will find the slides of my seminars. Basically, they range from overall information about Cordova, down to its APIs, and then to best practices about modularity and performance. Hope you like the contents and the overall presentations!

If you are interested in using the guidelines I provide in the seminars, please look at my previous post in which I present the source code of a Cordova application boilerplate implementing the guidelines and some other best practices (mainly with performance and memory usage in mind). The Cordova boilerplate is distributed as a GitHub repository.