As part of the publicity activities of the Department of Information Engineering Computer Science and Mathematics of the University of L’Aquila, I organized a workshop on the Firefox OS platform.

The workshop will take place the 21st of June (next Friday!) and techonology leaders of the Mozilla Foundation will present the new Firefox operating system for mobile devices.

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if you are interested, you can join us in the A1.6 room of the Turing-building of the University of L’Aquila. If you are a web developer, you will feel at home since Firefox OS apps are based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. We will help you in all the other activities, and we will explain how to access all mobile web APIs and how to use the Firefox OS Simulator on your laptop.

The workshop will be organized as follows:

  • Talks (9:00 – 12:00): Mozilla technology leaders will present the new Firefox OS technology and will describe how to extend and support such a new platform
  • Hands-on (14:00 – 18:00): practical session in which participants will be able to develop and try new mobile apps together with Mozilla Technology leaders

What to bring with you
You can bring your own laptop running Linux, Mac OS or Windows and all those devices that you want to use for developing the mobile web apps. We will take care of all the rest.

What to create
Apps. Apps. Apps. The Firefox Marketplace is loooking for open web apps running on mobile devices supporting the Firefox OS platform.

Where to start?